Tips for Entering Horticulture at the South Greenville Fair 

August is the perfect time for anyone planning to enter a specimen in the Flower Show at the South Greenville Fair to choose the plant they will be entering, keep it well watered and remove any brown spots or insect-damaged leaves. Everyone is invited to submit horticulture specimens (cut plant material) which will be judged in accordance with The National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) criteria.

The  Small Standard Flower Show will take place September 16th at the Simpsonville Community Center, 10 Park Street. The show’s theme will be “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow” in recognition of the Fair's 60th birthday.  Admission is free.

NOTE:  Christine Barnett, SGC Member and Recipient of the SGC 2017 Horticulture award will do a presentation entitled:


at the Simpsonville Garden Club Meeting

September 12, 1:00 PM, Rotary Hall, 205 North Maple Street

Anyone wishing to attend is welcome.