Herbalist, Realitor, and  Greenville native, Jane McCutcheon shares her tips on how to grow and cook with cullinary herbs.


How to grow tasty herbs for the kitchen was the topic of interest at The Simpsonville Garden Club’s February monthly meeting. Master Gardener and Realtor Jane McCutcheon shared lessons learned from her mother and her own experience growing and cooking with culinary herbs.

A native of Greenville, Ms. McCutcheon assured the audience that growing herbs requires just a little time and effort. To grow herbs, you need a garden spot which receives 5 to 7 hours of sun a day and well-drained soil with a moderate amount of organic moisture. An eastern exposure is ideal for growing herbs because it provides morning sun and afternoon shade. Ideally, an herb garden should be located near the kitchen.

Ms. McCutcheon brought along a few herb samples and demonstrated how to cut plants and how to remove herbs from their stems for cooking. She also shared some unique garden tools she uses for cutting herbs.

To learn what herb flavors you like best, Ms. McCutcheon recommended starting out by cooking chicken breasts with just one herb only. Each attendee received Ms. McCutcheon’s Herbal Notebook & Cooklet containing information about herbs and their uses as well as recipes and a bibliography of sources for more information about growing and cooking with herbs including Herbs in the Kitchen by Dill and Belsinger and The Barefoot Contessa - Back to Basics by Ina Gartner.